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HDPE Sliver Can
For Textile Industry

Sliver Cans
HDPE Sliver Can


HDPE Spinning Can - HDPE Sliver Can for Spinning Machinery

Jumac manufactures HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylne) spinning can for the Textile Industry. Every can is of a standard & consistent quality. The complete range starting from 225mm upto 1200mm in diameter is available with us along with it's full range of accessories.

Can used in all the sections of a spinning plant such as Carding, Draw frame, Comber, Open end & Rotors are available with us including the newly introduced 1200mm dia can.

The "Jumac"vantage

Jumac cans comprising of virgin HDPE sheet hardened & tempered precision springs, dust & fluff free casters, standard stainless steel accessories and moulded plastic top & bottom covers ensure a uniform material handling system.

Jumac presents a new and diversified range of sliver handling systems to minimise imperfection in sliver handling.

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Sliver Cans
Color Card

Glance through the shade card available for our HDPE spinning can. Colours JM01 to JM08 are standard & readily available. Others are optional colours - available only for bulk supply above 500 cans.

  • Milky White
  • Orange
  • Parrot Green
  • Baby Pink
  • Sky Blue

  • Royal Blue
  • Red
  • Golden Yellow
  • Natural
  • Sea Green

  • Dark Green
  • Ivory
  • Mehendi Green
  • Violet
  • Lemon Yellow

  • Blue
  • Maroon
  • Ash
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Rose Pink

The Heart of the CAN

Sliver Cans
Box Type Spring

Anti-rust and heat-treated, our springs are made from high carbon special steel wire that enable uniform load and movement during operations. Every single spring is individually calibrated to give longer and consistent life.

A minimum initial load is advisable for maintaining the desired sliver height especially for open end and rotor spinning.

Pantograph Spring

Electro-welded Mild Steel (MS) shutters in crisscross (scissor) shape ensure uniform spring movement and maintain consistent sliver height. For sizes up to 24" plastic moulded covers and from 28" up to 48", Galvanised (GP) covers are used for zero tilting and proper balance of the sliver.

A spring hardened & tempered with care to retain the original sliver properties as desired by the spinning master.

Caster Wheels

Dust free.... Fluff free... Maintenance free...

A complete range of casters for spinning can with a fluff-free design is available to provide smooth sliver handling on the floor. DD quality high pressed zinc coated body also ensures longer life. Wheel options in both PP (Poly propylene) and Nylon 6 are available as per customer requirement.

Durable Series

2.0mm DD Quality Prime CRC sheet with PP wheel & 6201 ZZ bearing.Available in different base plate fitting options.

Particulars DLPS DLPR DLPT
Wheel Diamater 60 60 60
Tread Width 25 25 25
Caster Height 83.5 85 78.5
Plate Size 84 X 70 92 X 60 116 X 60
Hole Distance 61 X 47 73 X 37 80 X 27 , 62 X 27
Bolt Hole Dia 9 mm 7 mm 9 mm
Load Capacity 70kgs 70kgs 70kgs
Pioneer Series

2.5 mm DD Quality Prime CRC Sheet with PP wheel & 6202 ZZ bearing. Available in different base plate fitting options.

Particulars 2.5'' 2.5''(U) 3" 3"(SLOT)
Wheel Diamater 65 65 80 80
Tread Width 25 25 25 25
Caster Height 84 85 105 105
Plate Size 75 X 87 75 X 87 101 X 85 101 X 85
Hole Distance 74 X 38 63 X 48 74 X 57 80 X 55
Bolt Hole Dia 7mm 8mm 8mm 18 X 9
Load Capacity 75kgs 75kgs 120kgs 120kgs
Supremo Series

PDC (Preassure Die Casted)
Aluminium Alloy Body with Nylon Wheel for a complete maintenance free caster, newly introduced for Indian markets.

Particulars 65mm 80mm
Wheel Diamater 62 82
Tread Width 27 35
Caster Height 83 130
Plate Size 89 X 74 98 X 82 X 6.5
Hole Distance 68 x 43 74 X 56
Bolt Hole Dia 14.5 X 7.5mm
14.5 X 7.5mm
Load Capacity 80kgs 130kgs

Top Rim and Band

Available in both Stainless Steel (SS) / Galvanized (GP) options , Top Rims and Top Bands holds the cylinder firmly and prevent it from loosing shape.


Bottom Rim and Plate

Galvanized (GP) Bottom Plate & Rims are made on heavy duty press's with special ribs & contours for additional strength and longer life.


Top and Bottom Covers

Moulded PPCP (Poly propelene copolymer) top & bottom covers are used with an anti slippage surface to give a sound grip & surface without rupturing the sliver. ABS option is also available to give increased strength & life to the top cover.


Identification Bands

PVC based bands act as a shock absorber during bumping of can and also helps in differentiate sliver counts during production. An attractive range of colors available which acts as a very good value addition for spinning can.

Pastel Shades

5 New Shades added to our Canvas

XL 1200

Future of Sliver Handing
Right here... Right now!

The future of Carding Can is here
A significantly higher capacity CAN with an even higher economic efficiency of dia. 1200mm and height upto 1500mm.

43% Improvement in the draw frame efficiency

30% less movement, leading to higher life of can

58,000 less piecing/year, leading to better quality yarn

Perforated Can

Perforated HDPE can are available in the size range of 600 to 1000 mm for process houses in the dyeing, bleaching and other special applications.manage speed up to 3800 rpm.

Bump Press Can

We also make Bump Press Can - a highly specialised & customised item having a niche application in the wool & wool combing unit's.

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